wiederholte spiegelungen

wunderkammer of endless reflections

Bauhaus-Museum Weimar
Klasik Stiftung Weimar
March 2020

Hidden satellites from Thuringia keep reflecting themselves in an infinite loop, creating a kaleidoscopic collage.

The piece consist of three differentiated elements: the legs, the main volume, and the upper kaleidoscope. The legs, 80cm tall, support a volume divided into four different chambers; each one, covered in mirrors, presents a different view/interpretation of various locations -satellites- in Thuringia. Every chamber consist of a 30cm cube, and is accessible through an aperture than can be opened from every face of the volume. The separation between chambers is made with two-sided mirrors, creating different effects whenever a different door is open; some elements and configurations are just visible when the installation is used by more than one visitor.

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