morphing mirrors

inner reflexions vs outer reflexions

Master Thesis
Bauhaus-Universität Weimar
MediaArchitecture M.Sc.
March 2021

As an object of introspection and creator of virtual environments (reflected realities that exist but do not take actual space), the mirror and its reflections have been the main inspirations for this project.

spatial reflections, outer reflexions

Kaleidoscopes are able to create spatial arrangements that completely defy the laws that normally dictate our real spaces; up is down, down is front and back is everywhere. Gravity and weight do not longer affect this reality, where the elements float and repeat themselves in infinite loops, creating geometric ever-changing configurations. 

self reflections, inner reflexions

The kaleidoscopic collages do not offer just spatial reflections, but also the viewer’s own image, mixed and fused with their context. This new perspective of self, result of an endless iteration of one’s own perspective, dismantles one’s own perception and identity, fusing it with the space that we occupy as active viewers. The traveller then merges with their surroundings in a fractal collage where the boundary between body and space blurs, creating a more intimate experience with the surrounding ambience.

c-gf  2024   ++   space   ++   media