conversation with the masters

interactive installation

Bauhaus-Universität Weimar
March 2019

Mohamad Ghadir Khalil, Paola Calderón Arias, Ahmed Jamal Hafez, Carlos García Fernández

“Conversation with the Masters” is a Media-Installation that attempts to convey the messages and the philosophy of the Bauhaus masters, while exploring the dialogical possibilities between humans and machines.

The installation consists of a network of devices which deliver messages from the Bauhaus past in a new playful way.
Each device is an abstraction of a persona of a Bauhaus master, which reveals itself in the shape  and the style of a dialog appearing on its screen, tailored to emulate specific characteristics of the master it represents.

Using new technologies, and a witty dialog, the visitors start a conversation with our masters, and the end of it, the master asks the visitors to help deliver a printed message to another master in a different Bauhaus location.

The experience of having a conversation with these devices, aims to help visitors remember the names of the Bauhaus pioneers and their locations; and the reward serves as a physical reminder of these names and the experience. Furthermore, we hope with this project to encourage visitors of Weimar to have discourses and discover new locations in the city for themselves.

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